Major Case Team

Major Case Team

Quick Response Team:

Our Consultants can visit your case scene to gather and safeguard evidence, and make initial graphic sketches and diagrams which are key when creating computer-aided demonstrations and detailed diagrams. Our Photo-Video Evidence technicians capture evidence on film, videotape or digital media before it changes or is lost. Forensic Laboratory Services are available for evidence.

Forensic Computer Fire Modeling:

we use the most current and accepted principles, tools and techniques of computer-aided analysis of fires and explosions.

Visual Evidence Exhibits prepared:

for discovery depositions, mediation, ADR, settlement, trial: animated forensic event sequence timeline reconstruction; 3D scale models, diagrams and technical illustrations, video tape, digital multi-media presentations.

After contacting the Major Case Team, you will receive our Checklist which outlines: the scope of our duties; what services your case requires; our current hourly labor rates; a time estimate for delivery of services.

A retainer will be required before any work begins.

After taking a case, we may visit your fire scene, review official records and reports, interview witnesses, and perform forensic laboratory examinations, and then, analyze what we've found.

Major Case Team members work on current cases, maintain and expand their expertise, and update their knowledge with continuing education.