Exhibit Examples

Animation …and events sequence reconstruction can be used to recreate an accident, technical operation. Freeze frame images, repetition or slow motion can be paced to greatly improve understanding. Newly developed multi-media programs combine the best graphics, video and still photos in one easily displayed videotape, CD-ROM or laser disc exhibit.

Timelines …illustrate the relationship between events and time. Often timelines help make your arguments understandable. They have significantly more impact than isolated bits of evidence.

Diagrams …provide an illustrated guide to the order of events, or a process. Each Fact – Finder can understand the connection between various elements in a case.

Graphs …chart numbers simplifying your presentation. Unless the meaning of numbers is understood, they are useless to jurors.

Medical & Technical …illustrations should be simple without excessive detail or labeling.

3-D Scale Models …cannot be ignored in the court or conference room. They are powerful tools to draw and keep attention throughout the trial.

Document Blowups …make your arguments dramatic and impressive. Adding color highlighting improves interest and directs attention.

Opening and Closing Argument Boards …give jurors their first look at your claims and your last chance to summarize the proofs to your arguments

Electronic Imaging …of your documents and Visual Evidence brings all of your boxes of documents to court on one or more CD-ROMs. Display your graphics and interactive courtroom exhibits from your laptop onto our large video monitor or 40 inch video screen.